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Sigil Art

I will create your personal Sigil for you to change your reality!

What are Sigils?

Sigils are seeds. Representations of entities, of desires or wishes. Actually they can represent everything. Just like runes (and bindrunes). They can either be used as talismans, by which you incorporate them into yourself slowly, or as a temporary symbol to work with (in a ritual). By focusing on it when the subconsciousness is most impressionable (meditation, trance, extase, sex, panic). You plant the seed and you act in ways you support the manifestation of them. If you want to read more just look on the web.

I Design your Sigil

You just tell me your name, spell or intent.
After we talked about your visual preference and intended use I will start out with the process. This unique sigil can be a bindrune (several fitting runes combined into one runic symbol) too; or completely pictorial..

It's not exaggerated when I say everything is possible.

Designs start from 15 € (You get: High-res file with transparent background)

I paint your Sigil Artwork

If you wish so I can create an unique illustration bringing your sigil to life and making it framable and worshippable. The level of detail and size is up to your wishes. It's all hand work.

#1: traditional ink and acrylic sigil card
#2 & #3: digital sigil illustrations

Personal Sigil Commission

Artworks start from 30 € (Like for example the blue one)

I create your Sigil Patches

I can create three kinds of patches for you as well. Either I create a single painted leather patch, several archaic relief print patches or screenprinted (new) patches. It's up to you :)

#1: Gewaraz Bindrune Patch (Archaic Relief Print on Fabric)
#2: Sacred Unity Patch (Painted on Leather)
#3: Two more Patches in my Style
#4: Anpu Patch (Archaic Relief Print on Fabric)

personal occult sigil commission
how to create a sigil, the occult
how to create a sigil, the occult

A single handpainted patch starts from 16 €.
The archaic print patches start from 3 for 27 €.

Order your Sigil

Tell me what you want exactly and we'll start tomorrow.
Additionally I offer those two bundles below:

Initiate Bundle:
Sigil/rune design + 1 painted patch for 28 € (10% off)

Adept Bundle:
Sigil/rune design + 3 archaic patches + sigil card 60 € (14% off)

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